Special Agent Ashley Madison (1984-Present) is one of the main protagonists during the 2013-15 Arcs of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Early LifeEdit

Ashley was born in July 17th, 1988 in Los Santos. Ashley at age four to five was placed into a catholic boarding school by her father in order to make sure he doesn't earn friends. However she meets Israeli-American Leon Jackson and French-American Claude Speed. Secretly becoming friend, the trio started causing mischief around the neighbourhood of The Carraways. At age six Ashley was placed in Madison Elementary where he remained for 12 years.

Before joining the FIB., she was part of the U.S. Army's Delta Force training program, where she earned extremely high grades in bomb disposal and has reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant. She was recruited into the Federal Investigation Bureau for her already well-developed fighting skills.

Ashley works as a captain for the FIB Black Ops Covert Operations around South America, where she received a silver medal for her bravery

During The Events of Grand Theft Auto VIEdit

In Late 2013 - Mid 2014, Ashley was contacted by Agent Da Silva to aid him in his operation to stop Crime Lord Henry Deus. Ashley under the alias of Paige, joined Michael's heist crew which consists of Michael, Franklin, Alberta and Ashley.

Special AbilityEdit

Ashley's special ability is to become cloaked, which disguises her almost completely from enemies. Ashley’s ability becomes less useful when sprinting, and recharges when out of sight.