Bonnie Abarca (1980 - Present) is one of the four main protagonists during the 1998 - 2009 Chapter Arcs in Grand Theft Auto VI.

During 2001 - 2006Edit

Constant interference from Don's father caused Bonnie and Don unable to find love. The two always confined in one another and later attacked Maurice Jr., for being the favourite. Maurice Sr., however diffused the situation and abused them. The interference caused Don and Bonnie to have secret incestuous affair with one another. For five years, which was plenty enough for Bonnie to become "late" and his father to die of shock after discovering them together. Don and Bonnie ended it with one another. And decided to see other people. After Don became the Don of the Abarca Crime Family, Bonnie later became the underdon.

During the Events of Grand Theft Auto: Donatello AbarcaEdit

During the events of the game, Bonnie's life is in constant turmoil with welfare nearly finding out about the truth of her daughter's father and a elementary teacher trying to expose them. Her brother Don helps her out in time of need during the his time of searching for Thomas. Bon forms a friendship with many people that Don meets and becomes one of few female character that the player can hang out with.

During the Events of Grand Theft Auto VIEdit

Bonnie along with Donatello and Niko moved to London, England to start a new life there.

Special AbilityEdit

Bonnie's ability is that she can slow time while driving which is very similar to Franklins.