Missions in GTA VI



Protagonists: Henry Deus

Beginning - Survive the train shootout from Lost members and then assassinate Ancelloti Crime Lord Giovanni Ancelloti.

2013 Chapter 1Edit

Opening Missions:

Protagonists: Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Alberta and Ashley

Michael DeSanta:Edit

Protagonists: Michael

Michael & Franklin - Drive to Vinewood Hills (Franklin's home) and then Michael's mansion. (Michael)

Welcome to Los Santos - Tour Los Santos (Michael).

The Rundown - Go to Vinewood Studios and direct the move "The Rundown". (Michael)

Date Night - Go on a date with Amanda. (Michael)

Interview - Go to the live talk show. (Michael)

Meeting - Attend a meeting in Vinewood Studios with Solomon Richards. (Michael)

Franklin Clinton:Edit

Protagonists: Franklin

The Fast and Furious - Go to the neighbourhood near Chamberlin Hills and then race Lamar and Hao. (Franklin)

Trevor Phillips:Edit

Protagonists: Trevor 

Mr Trevor Philips - Meet Sgt Hanson to purchase the military grade weapons and then sell them to the Columbian Cartel. (Trevor)

Trevor Phillips Industries - Destroy the Vagos (T.P Inc's rival)"s meth lab and steal their weaponary. (Trevor)

Alberta Da Silva:Edit

Protagonists: Alberta

Agent Da Silva - Apprehend Cartel members and take them to FIB Headquarters. (Alberta).

Interrogation - Interrogate the cartel hitman, to tell him whose selling the drugs in Cuba. (Alberta)

Bureau Investigation - Give intel to Dave Norton and then go to a place in East Los Santos to assassinate a high ranking member within the Columbian Cartel. (Alberta)

Ashley Madison:Edit

Protagonists: Ashley

Cartel Guardians - Kill Martin Madrazo

The Triads - Gather Intel from Alberta and then go to the FIB Headquarters to give brief with Dave Norton.

Henry Deus:Edit

Protagonists: Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Alberta and Ashley

Deus - You will be contacted by a man named Henry Deus. (All the protagonists).

Construction - Go to the Construction site where the Jade Gang of the Sun On Yee triads are meeting and take their money. (Michael)

Fear the Repo - Repossess a Car. (Franklin)

Meth'd it up - Steal the meth from the Alvarez cartel. (Trevor).

Heavy Duty - Steal the machine grade weapons from the Madrazo Cartel (Michael & Franklin) (Trevor-Non Playable)

Assassination - Assassinate Sun On Yee Red Pole Ricky Wong. (Alberta & Ashley)

Dave Norton:

Protagonists: Alberta, Ashley and Michael

Internal Affairs Agency - Take out IIA Spy around the FIB Camp. (Michael)

Death on a Wing - Attack the Heist at Los Santos Bank. (Alberta)

Fly US - Complete a Training to Fly (Ashley only)

Support - Attend Deal with IIA and Survive the other Federal Enforcement (Michael, Alberta and Ashley)

Lost War - Discover the Truth of past Enforcement war (Michael, Alberta and Ashley)

Good Company - Break House with help from Dave and Karen (Michael only)


Protagonists: Ashley

Beautiful Dreamer - Protect a Concert from Intruders (Ashley)

Cartel Guardians - Kill Martin Madzaro (Ashley)

Former Soviet - Found and Take Back Mr.K to IIA (Ashley)

1999-2010 Chapter 1Edit

Protagonists: Don, Niko. Bonnie, Johnny and Henry

Niko Bellic:Edit

Protagonists: Niko Bellic

Yugoslav Wars - Aid the Fifteen men squad to stop the enemy forces from the Bosnian Army.

Commandment - Lead your men to defend the village Kljajićevo against Bosnian forces.

Donatello Abarca:Edit

Protagonists: Don 

The Abarca Gambit - Attend a meeting with the Ancellotis and Pegorinos. (Don)

Johnny Klebitz:Edit

Lost Forever - Kill Angels of Death members and then interrogate AOD Lieutenant Gabriel.

Ashley Butler - Pickup Ashley