Mitch Hayes (1968-Present) is the main antagonist to Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto VI. He is Henry Deus's right hand man and the secondary antagonist of the game. 

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Hayes, but he was born in 1972 in Calton Heights, San Fierro. Mitch moved to Los Santos in 1996 and has graduated in the FIB Academy and joined the Federal Investigation, where he managed to reach at the rank of Supervisory Special Agent.

During the Events of Grand Theft Auto VIEdit

In late 2013, Hayes is the direct superior to FIB Special Agents Alberta Da Silva and Ashley Madison, who usually assigns them to jobs, which involved assassinations. He usually treats them strictly and harshly often giving them assignments that involve with the cartels, triads, russian bravtas and the italian mafias. Mitch later employs Expert thief and Vinewood Producer Michael De Santa into doing jobs for him. Hayes later becomes a major antagonist, when he betrays Michael by selling him out to the Gambetti Family, but Michael manages to escape and killed a slight portion of the Gambetti hitmen.

Hayes was later assassinated by Michael with the help of Franklin during the meeting between him and Henry