Victor Cutter Ramirez (1973-Present) is the main antagonist to Ashley Madison in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Early LifeEdit

Victor Cutter Ramirez was born on April 27th 1973, in Colombia, though he claims that he is from Brazil. Victor was a Navy Seal holding the rank of 1st Lieutenant and was a fighter pilot during the Iraq War. Sometime after this, Victor was recruited into the International Affairs Agency by the United Liberty Contact as an assassin and became the leader of the IAA Black Ops Private Militia the U.F.E and is partners with Special Agent David Blake.

During the Events of Grand Theft Auto VIEdit

In Late 2013 - 2014, IAA Specialist Victor Cutter along with Agent Blake are sent by the Deputy Director of the IAA, to stop the Columbians from gaining military weapons from London, but they later come into conflict with Michael De Santa and FIB Agents Alberta De Silva and Ashley Madison.